About us

What is Wazakura Shoten?

Wazakura Shoten is an e-commerce platform where customers around the world can safely and easily order items from Japanese online retailers. We take care of the international shipping and any support needed.

Our mission

Wazakura Shoten’ mission is to bridge the gap between customers worldwide and Japanese products. We are dedicated to making shipping for high-quality and hard to get Japanese products as easy and sage as possible. With just a few clicks you can buy items from Japan and have them shipped internatilnally to your own doorstep.

Why choose Wazakura Shoten?

Best selection at good prices

Wazakura Shoten is giving customers a wide and deep selection of products to choose from. From Japanese culture, food, Kyushu exclusive products, anime merch and tools, Wazakura Shoten aims to be a marketplace where anyone intersrested in Japanese pruducts of Kyushu can find what they are looking for.

Smooth and effortless shopping

At Wazakura Shoten, we belie that quality and convenience should go hand in hand. Everything from adding items to your cart to setting the delivery address and making payments have been designed to feel familiar to what customers around the world are used to when shopping online.


Company Name WAZAKURA SHOTEN Japan Online Shop
Established March, 2023
Address 819-5-101, Wada Oaza Sasagurimachi Kasuyagun, Fukuoka, Japan 811-2414
President Yuuki Ishimori
Number of Employees 2
Business detail Purchase and international shipping of Japanese products for retail business. Developing and selling a variety of original own-brand products.